Klamath River

Klamath River Ride


Last April I found myself a window of opportunity to go on a big ride from town. The snow had melted, the weather forecast predicted sunny and I had 3 days off. That week I decided to ride to the coast from Klamath Falls following the Klamath River. My end goal was Crescent City because there’s a shuttle that goes back to Klamath Falls.

This is great route for those on tour looking for a good way to get to the coast from Klamath Falls or those looking for a good multi-day/overnight ride.


Things to know

  • Terrain is mix of paved, gravel, and dirt roads.

  • Navigation is easy, because for the most part you just follow the river.

  • The views are great along the river and there are plenty of camping opportunities.

  • Be sure to bring along plenty of food. The first stop for resupply without going to far off route isn’t until Seiad Valley (about 110 miles from Klamath Falls)

The Ride

Topsy Grade Road will be the first big hurdle, you are greeted with gravel climb right of the bat and a pretty hairy descent on a rough road. You will be on gravel and dirt roads until you pass Iron Gate Reservoir. The trip once you get to Copco Lake is pretty gentle.

Happy Camp is about the half way point of the route and will have few restaurants, a grocery store and lots of Big Foot related paraphernalia to look at.


The second very big hurdle happens when you have to leave the Klamath River the road following the Klamath River will end as you get closer to the Yurok Reservation, so you will want to get on Bald Hills Road before then. This will is a long climb about 2600 feet in under 6 miles. At the top you will be met with some gorgeous views and the paved road switches to gravel for a bit and then back pavement as you descend through the Redwoods.

From here jump onto HIghway 101 North and then go into Prairie Creek Redwood State Park and then back onto 101 towards Crescent City.

For bonus points if you want to get the full Klamath River Experience maybe consider rafting the last section of the Klamath River into the Ocean.

Let me know if you have any questions on the route. Feel free to email me at kyle@zachsbikes.com