Pickup & Delivery

The absolute most frequent damage we see on bikes is caused from poor transport and not everybody has the means to transport a bike safely. Let us take the hassle out of your bike repair service by picking up or delivering your bike right to your doorstep.

We can be as flexible as you need. Have us pick up your bike so that you can ride it home when it’s ready. You can even have us pick you and your bike up from work with a flat tire.

As with any bike service, we will perform an inspection before we start any work. We firmly believe in paying for exactly what you need in order to meet your goals. Be prepared to go over a comprehensive inspection of your bike with the mechanic that will pick up your bike.

On-Site Bike Repair

Have a lot of bikes to repair? We can do the repairs on site to save you the expense of two trips. Now while we can’t do everything that we can in our shop, many basic repairs (and even some advanced ones) can be done right at your home.

This service does require an appointment and is subject to availability. Request your appointment today to get our next available time to work on your bike.

We do remote installations of car roof racks and hitch mounted bike carriers too!

Rates & Delivery Areas

We do charge per trip (if you’re doing pickup and delivery) so try to plan accordingly. We do send a trained mechanic out so that we can address any concerns or questions you may have. We can take credit cards in person only in areas with cell reception (we can email a link to pay with credit cards for situations where you’re out of reach).

  • 10 Mile Radius from Downtown: $15 Pickup Only, $25 Pickup & Delivery

  • Keno, Merrill: $30 Pickup Only, $55 Pickup & Delivery

  • Rocky Point, Chiloquin, Fort Klamath, Bonanza: $50 Pickup Only, $95 Pickup & Delivery

  • Lake of the Woods: $55 Pickup Only, $110 Pickup & Delivery

Custom quotes can be made for deliveries outside the above listed locations. Please email zach@zachsbikes.com for more details.