The Crater Lake Century

The Crater Lake Century, now in its 13th year, was handed to Zach and the Lost Cascades Bicycle Club in 2014. This event has generated $100,000 over the years for local charities including The Klamath County Museum, The Klamath-Lake Food Bank and The Klamath Trails Alliance. Check out what is considered by many the best road ride in Oregon in a fun atmosphere with great support.

Moore Cowbell KFCX Cyclocross Race

Going on since 2008, Lilly and Zach have organized Klamath Falls only cyclocross race in the beautiful Moore Park. Many racers consider this one of the most fun courses in Oregon (saying a lot for a state that starts CX racing in August). This is an event that will challenge even the most serious racer, yet has wonderful amenities for the family including a kids race. All proceeds of this event go to Friends of Moore Park, earmarked for mountain bike trail development and maintenance.

The Lost Cascades Bicycle Club

Lost Cascades Bike Club Diamond

At the beginning of 2015 Zach Gilmour and Adam Burwell launched the Lost Cascades Bicycle Club with the intention of making a central hub for all events cycling related. The club organizes and runs weekly group rides as well as assists and organizes larger organized events.

The Klamath Trails Alliance

KTA Logo

The Klamath Trails Alliance has been pivotal in getting us places to ride, and it has been immensely successful. Zach acts as an advisory board member, as well as fund raises and organize trail work days. Our whole team is committed to helping this organization succeed. So much that we are willing to donate $10 for every dual-suspension mountain bike that we sell.

Our Own Rides

We love to ride. We look forward to the weekend, just like you, so that we can get out for our next bike adventure. And we pretty much do it all. Track us down, follow in our footsteps, or suggest a new place to ride.