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This is a list of our basic service packages. If what you need is not listed, fear not! A majority of our work is done outside of these pre-defined packages. Please inquire or bring your bike in for a quote for these services. These prices include only our labor. Many of these services do require additional purchase of parts that we will discuss with you before doing the work.

24 Hour Service

Need your bike back as soon as possible? One-day turn around is always available for an up charge. Please let us know when you need your bike back and we can advise on if this would require an up charge or not. What is better is that this increase in cost, if there is one, is passed on to the mechanic. They're the ones that have to stay late or fit it into their schedule, so it only makes sense that they get rewarded for it (though beer tips are still appreciated).

Ready to bring your bike in?

While we always welcome walk-in service, you can make your transaction smoother by having our service questionnaire filled out before you arrive. This form helps us identify the best services for your individual needs.

Every bike that we perform significant service (anything much more than a flat repair) must have a detailed inspection performed on it. This is about a 15 minute procedure, free of charge, that a mechanic performs and includes basic safety checks. During this procedure, we will come up with a price for the repairs and service that you requested, as well as anything we identified in the inspection.

We will not begin any service until we have reviewed the inspection report with you. While we prefer to do this in person, we understand that you all have busy lives. We can email or text the report to you, or simply go over it on the phone if you need to just drop off the bike and go.





These are services that are not necessarily fixing things that are wrong, but instead intended to save you from potentially costly repairs in the future.

Wheel Truing & Tensioning

Spokes in your wheels can lose their tension over time. This can cause them to lose their structural integrity or even go crooked. Periodically checking the true (the straightness) and tension of the wheels is a routine maintenance item.

$34 per Wheel


Suspension Wiper Seal Replacement

During normal use of your mountain bike, small particles of dirt will slowly infiltrate the internals of your suspension. Under the right conditions, this can rapidly wear out very costly components of your bike. Manufacturers typically recommend replacing your oil and wiper seals every 30-50 hours of riding or yearly.

$84 + Cost of Seals and Oil

(Front and Rear Included)


Bearing Grease

A large majority of bicycles use "loose-ball" bearings for several components, most commonly wheels. While these are smooth rolling and inexpensive systems, they do require replacement of the grease periodically. This is a regularly overlooked maintenance item.


(Front and Rear Wheels Included)


Complete Teardown & Rebuild

This is for the person that wants to take care of everything all at once. In this service we will completely disassemble all components of your bike, thoroughly clean them, and reassemble them to factory specs. We will re-grease all loose-ball bearings (replacing balls if necessary), meticulously inspect every component of the bike for wear and reassemble the bike like it was new again.  Due to the variance of labor in some bikes, suspension and hydraulic brake service is extra.



Repair Services

Is your bike needing more than routine maintenance? Typically repairs are far more complicated than doing maintenance and are billed hourly, but there are a few services we offer as complete packages.


Flat Tire Repair

Flat tires are frustrating. Nobody likes them yet everybody gets them. While there are things you can do to reduce the likelihood of flats, there's nothing you can do to completely prevent it. We at Zach's Bikes understand this dilemma. That's why we offer a 30-Day unconditional guarantee on all flat repair services. Opted not to upgrade to a flat resistant option the first time and got another flat? No problem. Just pay the difference of what you paid the first time to what you're upgrading to.

$7 Per Tire



Perfect Braking

Braking is often something we take for granted. Brakes are not just a safety item, but are also pivotal in how well you control your bike. We at Zach's Bikes do not see brake systems as just working or not working. We want them working as best as they possibly can. This service includes all labor to accomplish just that so that you can control your bike with the confidence and safety that you deserve.

$60 Hydraulic Brakes

$50 Mechanical Brakes

(Hydraulic service includes brake bleed if necessary)


Perfect Shifting

To some people, shifting can make or break the experience of riding a bike. Poor shifting makes your bike, something that you take pride in, feel like a junker.  This comprehensive service tackles all the labor required to make your bike shift like it was new, or better. This service will remind you why you bought this bike in the first place.


(Includes Front and Rear)


Cleaning Services

Keeping a clean bike is central to keeping it working well, and looking good. Take pride in your bike and have some piece of mind that it's in good working order.


Bike Wash Plus In-place Drivetrain Cleaning

Keeping your Bicycle clean as well as your chain clean and lubed is one of the most common recommendations you hear about bicycle maintenance. Most people perform the later (lubing their chain) well enough, but don't know where to start for the former (cleaning). This service will use tools and techniques that will clean and lube your chain, cassette and derailleurs while still installed on the bike. Perfect for quick early and mid-season maintenance.



Drivetrain Removal & Cleaning

Sometimes cleaning your moving parts without taking anything apart isn't enough. For the person that wants their drivetrain clean enough to eat off of (though we wouldn't recommend using it as china, it might be awkward), this service will remove all moving parts and thoroughly clean them. This technique is far more effective than trying to clean parts on the bike.