Aspen Lake Loop

Aspen Lake Loop Gravel Grind

This gravel loop takes the flats along the south edge of Lower Klamath Lake up into the hills to its southwest. Beautiful fall colors and abundant wildlife make this day-trip one to remember.



All day comfort and the ability to take the road less traveled.  An upright body position and wider tire clearances take the edge off of rough roads.



A bike to (almost) do it all. These race proven rides will slap a smile on your face as you conquer dirt, gravel and pavement.              

Trek Checkpoint ALR 4

Practically made for this ride, the Trek Checkpoint will conquer everything this loop throws at it. With tire clearance aplenty, a comfortable neutral position and disc brakes for reliable stopping, this bike will not let you down on this long ride. You can even add bikepacking bags to this bike to make an overnight excursion out of this ride.