Langel Valley & Klamath Basin

Nearly pan flat and empty, the Klamath Basin and Langel Valley area offers seemingly endless roads. Great for road bikers looking to put in the miles or the beginner wanting to hone their skills in isolation. Enjoy a panoramic view your entire ride.



Whether you're out to log solo miles, hang in for fast paced group rides or test your mettle in a crit or road race, look no further.



All day comfort and the ability to take the road less traveled. An upright body position and wider tire clearances take the edge off of rough roads.



Stretch your legs and take in the sights with these sturdy, versatile and purpose build rides.

Domane ALR 4 Disc

The large tire clearance afforded by the disc brakes of this bike make it ideal for this ride. Whether you're a beginner rider looking for more traction or confidence, or you want the ability to explore off-road, doing this ride on this bike will be a delight.