Cross County Bike

  • The 70% Climbing, 30% Descending Bike
  • Best Bike for Efficient Pedaling yet Forgiving on the Downhill
  • Lightest Dual Suspension Category
  • Great for Single-track Punctuated by Long Gravel Roads

All-around Trail Bike

  • The 50% Climbing, 50% Descending Bike
  • Most Versatile Bike if you want to earn your downhill
  • Durable yet Lightweight and Lock-able Suspension
  • The perfect bike if you want to own just one bike but do it all

All-Mountain Bike

  • The 30% Climbing, 70% Descending Bike
  • Get the most out of your downhill
  • Most durable and comfortable dual-suspension bike
  • Ride technical trails with confidence