Westside Road

Considered for one of Oregon's Scenic Byways, this ride is absolutely stunning during the fall color change. Gentle rolling hills eventually give way to the Wood River Valley at the foot of Crater Lake. This nearly traffic free road is a great place to start a particularly epic ride around the National Park, or simply an easy out-and-back from Rocky Point.



Whether you're out to log solo miles, hang in for fast paced group rides or test your mettle in a crit or road race, look no further.



All day comfort and the ability to take the road less traveled. An upright body position and wider tire clearances take the edge off of rough roads.



Get your heart pumping, not your knees screaming. Upright body positioning and straight handlebars make for a smooth, predictable ride.

Trek Domane ALR 3

We recommend the upright position of the Domane ALR for this ride because you're going to want to keep your head up to take in the scenery. Its predictable handling will also let you just forget about the bike so you can enjoy your surroundings.