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Monday Night Spin Your Legs Out Ride

This is a slow paced ride that is equal social ride and active recovery from your hard ride on Sunday. This ride is for all levels! The pace of this ride does not exceed 20 mph and will regularly see averages in the 15 to 18 mph range and will pretty much be right at 20 miles (about 1-1.5 hours). The course that we will do can be found here. Everybody stays together and we will obey all traffic laws. We will be using a good portion of the A-canal bike path trail in order to keep our traffic interaction to a minimum, please be prepared for the expansion cracks.

If you're looking for an easy, social paced ride, this is the ride for you. Use it as a  way to get acquainted with group rides or to motivate yourself to get in shape. This ride will likely have experienced cyclists present, but their mindset will be to lead: you're not holding them back.

If you're a seasoned rider looking to push yourself or want to go fast, use this ride to practice a high cadence at a slow speed. This is a ride that we want experienced cyclists to show up to so that  less experienced riders can develop riding skills from watching others (remember: nobody picks this up on their own, you had to start somewhere too). 

We will be using and practicing proper riding etiquette. If you are unfamiliar with riding in a group, we recommend reviewing some tips here. There are many reasons riding in a group are beneficial (it's hugely more efficient, it's motivating and it's social are just a few reasons) but safety precautions need to be adhered to.

While this is a beginner level ride, please show up with the right equipment. Drop bar road bikes with smooth tires in the 23-32 mm range are the most appropriate. Helmets are required. Blinking lights, flat repair kits and water are highly recommended. If you have questions about your current equipment or do not have adequate equipment, please give the shop a heads up at least 30 minutes before the ride and we should be able to come up with something for you. Please be familiar with the route ( found here). If you somehow get separated from the group you will need to find your way back.

If you have any doubts whether this is the ride for you, please contact us. No question is a silly question.

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