We Accept Trade-ins Towards New Bikes

In the market for a new bike but don't know what to do with your old one? Want to take the edge off of the price of a new bike? Has your young one outgrown their brand new bike already? We have partnered with BicycleBlueBook.com for hassle free trade-ins.


The Process is Easy

  • Bring your bike into our retail location for an on the spot appraisal. It takes about 10-15 minutes for an assessment. Bikes that qualify are bike shop caliber bikes of model year 2000 or newer.
  • Provide a valid drivers license (to prove it's not stolen), any chargers, manuals or accessories that go with the bike and any receipts for upgrades made to the bike.
  • Store credit can be applied immediately towards your new bike. Zach's Bikes will ship your old bike to Bicycle Blue Book to sell at no extra charge to you. We do not have the space to sell used bikes and nor do we do consignment.



What is your used bike worth?

Use the widget below to get a valuation estimate today. This will give you a range that your bike is worth. Keep in mind that this is the trade-in value, which is not the value you can sell your bike to somebody else for. You can always get more selling your bike through a private party. Bicycle Blue Book offers a hassle free way of getting value out of your old bike.

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What About Kids Bikes?

Zach's Bikes believes that getting kids riding quality bikes now will keep them hooked. It is in our best interest to get kids on bikes every way we can. We also sympathize with how fast they outgrow their bikes and how expensive new ones can be. While Bicycle Blue Book is a great tool for valuation of bikes, they offer admittedly low trade-in value for kids bikes. For this reason, Zach's Bikes will offer a flat rate trade-in of $75 for kids bikes of the same criteria (bike shop caliber of model year 2000 or newer), or the Bicycle Blue Book value: whichever is higher. This is typically a loss that we soak up on the profit of a new bike. We do this so that your little one can stay in the bike that fits them, which keeps them enjoying the thrill of riding a bike.

Some Things to Consider

Bike Qualifications: The program is only designed for bicycles originally purchased at independent bicycle retailers of model year 2000 or newer.

  • Valuations assume all original parts (or better) are on the bike for valuation
  • Department store level bikes no not qualify. Examples include, but are not limited to:
    • Huffy
    • Magna
    • Next
    • Mongoose
  • Tandems, adult trikes and recumbent bicycles/trikes do not qualify. They are too expensive to ship and thus do not make economic sense to trade-in.
  • If your bike is not in the database, it is either a department store bike (see above) or a vintage bike. The former cannot be valuated, the later takes a considerably longer process (usually 24-48 hours).
  • Please be realistic about your trade-in. We all want top dollar for our stuff, but it all comes down to what the bike can sell for. Bicycle Blue Book uses an extensive database of completed bike sales to determine the value of your bike. It not only is remarkably accurate, but truly amazing and sophisticated tool to determine the value of your bike.

Bike Condition: We will perform a thorough assessment of your bicycle during the evaluation process. Bicycle Blue Book has explicit guidelines as to what constitutes the condition of the bike that we must follow. This is not a negotiation: we are applying predefined rules given to us by Bicycle Blue Book. A few other things to note:

  • Your bike should be clean, functioning and in sell-able condition
  • If your bike needs major service and/or major parts you will have to pay for the needed items and have the work done before we can take your bike as a trade. Our service department can handle this process for you.
  • The serial number of the bike must be clearly visible and not be defaced or destroyed.

Fighting Bike Theft: We hate bicycle thieves as much as you do! We take take this part very seriously in order to limit the outlets that bike thieves have to make their practice worthwhile.

  • We log your valid driver's license number as ID.
  • We log the bike's serial number.
  • We have you sign a statement that says the bike is yours to sell.

Please inquire if you have any further questions.