Trail Conditions

We get people coming in talking about their rides all the time. Depending on the time of year and the weather patterns, many areas are touch and go. Use this resource as a guideline for your next ride.

Spence Mountain

The old loop (about 2.5 miles up the Spence Mountain Trail, across the road to Hooligan) is pretty much totally clear and good dirt. Snow and mud pretty much close off the trail about a quarter mile after the 2.5 mile turn off on to the road.

Last update: 4/2/17

OC&E Paved

This is and has been very ride-able for a while now. There do seem to be some more expansion cracks than in the past.

Last update 3/25/17

OC&E Un-Paved

We have had no recent reports for out here. This is mud season so it wouldn't surprise us to be mucky out there.

Last Update 3/25/17

High Lakes/Lake of the Woods/Fish Lake

While we haven't had any reports, there is certainly many inches of snow left up there. It is not likely ride-able.

Last Update 3/25/17

Running-Y Skillet Handle

No reports yet, but gravel roads nearby are perfectly ride-able.

Last Update 4/10/17

Aspen Lake Loop

Zach rode the Round Lake Loop on 4/9 and it was nearly perfect conditions. A half dozen or so soggy spots in the road along with a mildly soft Aspen Lake road make it slightly less than perfect, but the end of the ride had a clean bike. Note about 200 yards of major erosion damage on the climb just north of Bear Wallow that likely need to be walked through.

Last Update 4/9/17

Hagelstien & Swan Lake Loop

Zach and Kyle rode the Hagelstien climb the weekend of the 12th. The road has some extra potholes, but the gravel is in very good condition.

Last Update 3/12/17

Brown Mountain & Rye Spur Trail

Both of these trails are more than likely still under snow with many down trees upon them.

Last Update 3/25/17

Moore Park & Ridgeview Trail

Trails are mostly in the clear with a few short muddy sections. Stay out of the mud and watch the weather for recent wet conditions and this area should be fine.

Last Update 4/10/17

Hamaker Mountain

Customers have told us that we are clear of snow up to first maintenance shed (about 1/2 mile up).

Last Update 3/24/17


Crater Lake Rim

The rim road is under many feet of snow at this point.

Last Update 3/25/17

Lava Beds

The roads should be totally clear with little to no gravel on the corners.

Last Update 3/25/17

Langel Valley & Klamath Basin

The roads are totally clear with some cinders on the shoulders of roads with heavy traffic. A few corners have gravel in them but most do not. The birds of prey were out in force.

Last Update 3/18/17

Clover Creek, Keno Access & Howard's Prairie

Clover Creek has snow on either shoulder but is clear to ride. No reports from Keno Access or Howard's Prairie but they are likely still under snow.

Last Update 3/18/17

Running-Y Loop

Roads are mostly clear with minor gravel in the corners. Watch the big turn on Crossbill and Merganser as they have major gravel.

Last Update 3/19/17

Westside Road

Nothing first hand, but given the snow levels on Hwy 140, Westside road should be clear and ride-able.

Last Update 3/25/17