Bicycle Repair Services

This is the part of our business that we spend the most amount of time obsessing about. We take pride in the work that we do here.

With technology borrowed from both the Automotive and Aerospace Industries, bicycles are no longer the simple machines they once were. You expect us to have the knowledge, experience and tools to get the job done, of which we will not disappoint. What you don't necessarily expect from us is our ability to deliver that expertise in a way that is friendly, thorough and up-front. We put a lot of thought into how we communicate our services to you so that you can understand the why and build a healthy respect with your bike.


What? No Tune-Ups?

Probably the most common question that we have received over the years: How much are your tune-ups? The term tune-up has been used in the bicycle industry to draw a parallel with the Automotive Service world and make the service being offered much more relatable. The problem is, not all bikes share the same routine maintenance items like cars do. One bike may need frequent bearing adjustments, where another will need infrequent bearing replacements instead. Tune-ups that you buy for a bike include a list of services that will be performed. It has been our overwhelming experience that most bikes do not need every service that is offered in those packages. In fact, they typically only need one or two.

The problem in lies not with the shop trying to rip you off, but with the shop's ability to communicate with you. When most people bring their bikes in for service, they don't know specifically what is wrong with the bike, or if they do they don't know exactly what parts to ask for and what service exactly they need. They feel intimidated and/or overwhelmed and an easy way around that is to simply order the whole package knowing that their problem should be fixed along with maybe some preventative maintenance and just swallow the extra cost.


We aim to provide you with exactly what you need, and nothing more. We do provide some packaged service, a list of which you can find here, but they are much more targeted than a tune-up. We believe that our job is to inform and suggest, and leave the decision making up to you. It is your bike after all.


Our Inspection and Intake Process

This is what sets us apart. When you bring your bike in for service, we are going to start a dialogue with you. This dialogue can happen in what ever way you feel comfortable communicating: Want to come in and talk in person, even look over our shoulder while we inspect your bike? Want to drop it off, be in and out, and get an email later? Either way we will adapt to how you want to handle the transaction. We have an in-depth inspection that we perform, free of charge, on every bike coming in for service. Use our forms online to help make the transaction smoother by either requesting a service appointment or just getting an estimate for repairs.


Our Quality of Repairs

What exactly does a quality bike repair mean to you? Is it quick turn around? Is it thoroughness and attention to detail? Is it coming in under budget and over delivering? Is it getting the best bang for your buck? Everybody answers this question differently and sometimes the same person answers it differently for two different bikes. To us, quality means that we have the best tools, the best training and the most amount of flexibility to deliver exactly what you want. We are not going to spew some canned rhetoric that we are the best mechanics in the world. We very well could be the best, but we'd rather our actions prove that to you instead. If we have delivered quality service, we have achieved exactly what you hope to accomplish out of your bike repair. Not what somebody else believes is the best for you.


Our Guarantee

We take pride in our work and practice methods that ensure long term solutions rather than just get you rolling. Despite this, sometimes things are out of our reach or unforeseeable. Sometimes new cables that we install will break-in and not work like when we installed it. Sometimes flat tires are completely unavoidable. We stand behind our work. We warrant our labor for sixty days after you pick up your bike. We are not interested in just taking your money and hope we never see you again. When we started that dialogue about your bike at the beginning of this process, we intended to keep the conversation rolling past the end of the transaction until you are comfortable with the solution we have provided.