ZBikes Facebook/Instagram Gift Card Contest


We all take pictures of the experiences we have on our rides. We share those moments with our friends and family on Facebook or Instagram already . Here's your chance to win a $100 gift card at Zach's Bikes  for what you're likely already doing. 


Jason in front of Kfalls.jpg

What you need to do to win

We will be monitoring our Facebook and Instagram feeds through the end of each month. Any pictures tagged with hashtag #zbikesphotocontest and #klamathfalls (because we really want to encourage local pride), will be considered and we will select our favorite. Extra consideration will be taken for creativity and amount of likes and/or engagement on that photo (the more popular it is, the more likely it is to win). If you think we've missed you, it wouldn't hurt to send an email to aaron@zachsbikes.com by the end of the month to make sure you're in the running. The point of this contest is to showcase cycling in Klamath Falls. Please keep it classy.


Rules and Conditions

Only one winner per month. Zach's Bikes has permission to re-post and tag the submitting person that won a particular month's contest. We make no claim to intellectual property of that photo or any other photo tagged with the #zbikesphotocontest. Only one individual can win in any consecutive month (we want to spread it out as much as we can, but encourage people to keep trying once they've won). The gift card must be claimed in store.



Good Luck!